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Bio & Disclosures


Austen Erblat began his journalism career writing and editing for his college paper, the Florida Atlantic University Press, first on a volunteer basis, and then getting full time gigs there as news editor and managing editor.

Prior to his first professional journalism job, Austen started a blog, Amendment Drum, where he shared thoughts about politics and other topics.

As an intern at Defenders of Wildlife, he contributed a few articles for their print publication, Defenders. He also wrote and edited for a local online music website, Soundbite Magazine, on a volunteer basis.

Austen's main job now is as a news reporter at the South Florida Sun Sentinel, where he covers local politics, breaking news, and other issues across South Florida. Some of the articles he has written at the Sun Sentinel have also been picked up by the Associated Press, MSN, and WLRN, among others.

Austen occasionally freelances for WhoWhatWhy, where he writes breaking news and analysis articles on state, national, and global political issues. Some of those articles are then posted on Salon.com. He has also freelanced for The Forward.

As a volunteer, Austen has judged various high school journalistm contests and edited college journalism students' work, as well as contributed to MuckRock’s “Use of Force Policy” project and wrote for, edited, and advised the local music and culture blog SoundBite Magazine.

At eight years old, Austen wore a t-shirt and held a sign for a mayoral campaign with his friend and his mother, but has never donated to a political campaign.


In addition to his career in journalism, Austen is also a professional, part-time musician. He plays drums and percussion in two main projects — Joel Da Silva, a blues, soul and Americana singer, songwriter and guitarist; and Coral Canyons, a rock and roll band.

Austen has performed live and recorded with a number of other artists — a comprehensive list can be found here.

Austen teaches private drum lessons to beginning and intermediate drum students of all ages.

For contact and social media information, see his Contact page.